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  • Avatar Nobléma Diffusion ★★★★★ il y a 2 années
    Un excellent repas, très bon rapport qualité / prix et un service efficace et sympathique . Tout ce que l on recherche.
    Mr SECCO
  • Avatar Célibi ★★★★ il y a un an
    Superb setting which I never tire of and which I have taken advantage of on several occasions. The dishes are neat and of high quality and we have always enjoyed … lire la suite ourselves. For the first time, I was disappointed by the usually warm and welcoming welcome. Perhaps the fatigue of the end of the year is being felt, the service was cold and distant. May this remark be useful to the restaurant owner and do not let you go your way, because the Carré d'As is an establishment to recommend.
  • Avatar Jean Paul Flammier ★★★★★ il y a 2 années
    Très très bon restaurant en passant par le service la cuisine et le cadre
    Par contre oublier pas de réserver
  • Avatar Corinne Maciejewski ★★★★★ il y a 10 mois
    A beautiful setting for delicious cuisine. Very friendly and professional staff. Thank you very much, I had a very good taste time.

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